All About Tattoos

The animation of fantasy world is felt by creating Tattoos. Tattoos are the best way for expressing our creativity and also for communicating social messages in an attractive manner to the people. Tattoos exist virtually in every culture in all continents. Thirty years ago, only sailors, sideshow artists, bikes were interested and thus the percentage of people associated with tattoos was 1%, but today the number has increased. Teenagers and Youngsters are responsible for increasing the popularity. It is considered to be one form of capturing the attention of viewers of all age. Tattoos do not require any specially trained artists. They are applied on any area of the human body, but the act of tattooing causes the recipient lots of pain.

Creation of Tattoos

sdcfasTattoos are created by placing colored inks under the epidermis, the top layer of skin. Tattoos are designed by injecting ink into a person’s skin. When we look at a person’s tattoo, the ink is deposited actually in the dermis which is the second layer of skin. As the cells of dermis are more stable, the tattoo’s ink will stay intact with minor fading. After choosing the design for a tattoo, the artist draws the design onto the person’s skin, since the skin can stretch while the artist uses the machine puncture that is too deep can cause extreme ache and blood loss and those that are too thin cause uneven lines. The process involved is outlining, shading, coloring, and finally cleaning and bandaging.

Caring Of New Tattoo

To protect the quality of the image and prevent health we need to take care of a new tattoo. First, have to remove the bandage after two to three hrs, then wash hands in cold or lukewarm water with antibacterial soap but without rubbing, finally apply antibacterial ointment. Avoid soaking the tattoo in water and exposing tattoo in the sun.

Removing Of Tattoo

sasxddfThe most unfortunate thing about a tattoo is that both getting them and having them taken off can be uncomfortable. Even dermatologists caution that tattoos are permanent so removing them is difficult. But still, there are proven effective methods of tattoo removal. The methods used for removing tattoos are Dermabrasion, Cryosurgery, and Excision. Further, in these methods Lasers are used as the treatment for tattoo removal. Even Laser method has side effects like Hyperpigmentation; Hypopigmentation i.e. the treated region lacks normal skin color. Other side effects which are usually caused are an infection of the skin and lack of complete pigment removal.

All About Tattoos
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