Using Games To Create Fun Moments In A Hen Party

A hen party game is an event meant to entertain the bride and their friends. As such, these events are characterized by dancing, drinking, and general entertainment. Therefore, those planning to have this party should enlist the services of a professional event planner. You might also work with a friend that has organized a successful party before. The fun part of these events lies in having simple games that will make the event memorable for years to come.

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The balloon game

This is one great game to play during a hen party. Ideally, it only requires you to have a couple of balloons with some questions inside them. During the party, the guests will be required to pop the balloon and balloon and ask the bride to be the question inside each balloon. If she is an unable to answer the question, she must have a shot. This is a good way to make the bride giggle over a few shots.

Passing the balloon

This game requires the guests to line up and pass a balloon. To make the event entertaining, you can have two or three groups doing this. The balloons are passed by holding them with knees. In case a balloon pops, it is replaced until it gets to the person at the end. The team that gets it to the end wins. The losing team(s) are expected to pay for their loss by taking a shot or do something interesting.

Sharing embarrassing experiences

aZSsDcsDcaThis games gives all guests a chance of participating by sharing some occasions in their lives that left them embarrassed. They do this by writing and putting the papers into a bowl. After everyone is down writing, they will expect to pick the papers, read the contents aloud, and make a guess. Once you can identify the author, you can then fish for some titbits. This process continues until all papers are opened.

The success of any hen party lies in the quality of planning injected towards making this event a success. Therefore, it is imperative to work with an experienced event planner. You also need to have the funniest hen party games to make the events memorable. Since there are lots of games that can be used for these events, you also need to factor in the preferences of the guests to ensure nobody is left out.

Using Games To Create Fun Moments In A Hen Party
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